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50 years of security
50 years of devotion to the company, with enthousiasm and determination, constantly looking for new technologies and new safety systems to be applied to the manufacturing of safety doors. Before the Second World War, F.lli Tesio was already on the market, manufacturing radiators for cars, and it was in its sector the second company in Italy.
When he was 13, Mr. Pietro Tesio, lost his father but he inherited the will to become an entrepreneur. Actor son of the entrepreneurial world, he sets up a company of metal fastenings in the neighbourhoods of Turin. Leaving aside the fastenings, he specialises in the production of doors for elevators, working for the most important producers in Europe, such as Stigler Otis, Kone, Fiam and Ceam.
After building a new plant in Mappano, near Borgaro Torinese, the company focussed on the production of safety doors, reaching a leading position in Italy and abroad.
With the current 10.000 sqm of plant, the production range was widened, also including safety locks for windows and door windows, steel made and wood panelled.
Beside the existing company, a new plant was established for the specific production of top quality safety locks.
Today the company has 50 years activity and identifies its fundator Mr Pietro Tesio (unique shareholder of Tesio S.p.A.), with the man who has spent his life to improve his company.